Donna’s Dehydrated Sourdough Starter

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Hot SunAs you know, it’s getting hot outside! All of our starter cultures are sensitive to temperatures over 100 degrees.

We don’t ship our cultures with ice packs, so if you live in a hot area, we recommend that you don’t order until it cools down.

If you do decide to order, we’ll email you a tracking number once your order has shipped. Please use the tracking information to anticipate the arrival of your starter culture so it can be brought in out of the heat right away.🌞

This dehydrated sourdough starter culture is my personal starter I’ve used for almost two decades. To make it easier during shipping and hotter months I dehydrated my starter to allow safer travel. It was originally a Russian culture that I blended with a Finnish culture. After I had it for a while, it adapted to my home in Missouri and now California. It has a lot of diverse strains. It does this by capturing wild yeasts from the air. Your culture will do the same and be unique to you and your home. I have been using this particular culture for many years and love it. After a few attempts to make my own sourdough culture from scratch, I found it too sour and it didn’t rise very well. A sourdough culture that has been aged over the years has a mellow slightly tart flavor, and it really makes a difference to have a strong, long-aged starter when making sourdough bread. It’s easy to reactivate and then if you take care of it you’ll have your starter for years to come.


  • 15 – ounces of sourdough starter, made from white wheat high protein flour and water.
  • A color booklet that contains instructions for activating your starter.
  • A recipe for making delicious sourdough bread with step by step pictures.
  • Support from our team if you have questions. Email:

Using the Right Flour

You will love this culture and it works best with bread flour, but you can also use white flour, whole-wheat flour, or most other types of flour (Except gluten-free flours).

If you’re making bread with whole wheat flour, then your bread will be dense and won’t rise as high. I recommend getting a high-protein flour to make your bread rise higher and have a wonderful texture.

If you’re unsure how to know if your flour has a high protein content here is the formula. Look at the nutritional information on the package of flour.

If there are 4 grams of protein per 30 grams of flour, you need to multiply 4 by the number 100 and then divide by 30 (see example below).

  • 4 g protein per 30 g flour
  • 4 × 100 = 400
  • 400 / 30 = 13.33

This flour has a protein content of 13.33%.

Use this formula to determine the percentage of protein in flour:

  • (x) grams of protein per (y) grams of flour
  • (x) x 100 = (z)
  • (z) / (y) = % of protein content in the flour

Spending days in my kitchen making sourdough bread has been a sheer joy and you’ll be so proud the first time you take a loaf from the oven.

🥖 Happy Baking!

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Due to the nature of these cultures, we cannot accept any returns. Please know that all sales are final.

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