Donna’s Dehydrated Sourdough Starter

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This item: Donna's Dehydrated Sourdough Starter

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This dehydrated sourdough starter culture is my personal starter I've used for almost two decades. To make it easier during shipping and hotter months I dehydrated my starter to allow safer travel. It was originally a Russian culture that I blended with a Finnish culture. After I had it for a while, it adapted to my home in Missouri and now California. It has a lot of diverse strains. It does this by capturing wild yeasts from the air. Your culture will do the same and be unique to you and your home. I have been using this particular culture for many years and love it. After a few attempts to make my own sourdough culture from scratch, I found it too sour and it didn’t rise very well. A sourdough culture that has been aged over the years has a mellow slightly tart flavor, and it really makes a difference to have a strong, long-aged starter when making sourdough bread. It's easy to reactivate and then if you take care of it you'll have your starter for years to come.


  • 15 grams of sourdough starter, made from white wheat high protein flour and water.
  • A color booklet that contains instructions for activating your starter.
  • A recipe for making delicious sourdough bread with step by step pictures.
  • Support from our team if you have questions. Email:

Using the Right Flour

You will love this culture and it works best with bread flour, but you can also use white flour, whole-wheat flour, or most other types of flour (Except gluten-free flours).

If you're making bread with whole wheat flour, then your bread will be dense and won't rise as high. I recommend getting a high-protein flour to make your bread rise higher and have a wonderful texture.

If you're unsure how to know if your flour has a high protein content here is the formula. Look at the nutritional information on the package of flour.

If there are 4 grams of protein per 30 grams of flour, you need to multiply 4 by the number 100 and then divide by 30 (see example below).

  • 4 g protein per 30 g flour
  • 4 × 100 = 400
  • 400 / 30 = 13.33

This flour has a protein content of 13.33%.

Use this formula to determine the percentage of protein in flour:

  • (x) grams of protein per (y) grams of flour
  • (x) x 100 = (z)
  • (z) / (y) = % of protein content in the flour

Spending days in my kitchen making sourdough bread has been a sheer joy and you'll be so proud the first time you take a loaf from the oven.

🥖 Happy Baking!

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Due to the nature of these cultures, we cannot accept any returns. Please know that all sales are final.