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Donna’s Toothsoap Recipe



I was a dental assistant in my twenties. This job fell into my lap. A very well known and successful dentist hired me because he wanted to train someone who knew nothing. He wanted to shape me by his own methods and not through a pre-programmed course. He taught me so much and I followed him around wanting to learn things from him. He was brilliant and he unlocked my mind and made me go on an unending search for learning about how our bodies work. We performed surgeries and also lots of procedures that caused me to understand that bacteria in the mouth, when left to run amuck, cause a lot of damage. Bacteria in the mouth is where all the trouble starts with your teeth. Have the right bacteria and your teeth and gums will thrive. I have learned much since those days, and my view of dentistry has changed considerably. I will always be grateful to Dr. Milteer for picking me out of a crowd of people wanting the job. I was a young woman and he taught me so much about life and the fun of learning.

My Everyday Tooth Care

Here are some of my own insights and the things I use every day to take care of my teeth. But what about toothpaste? What is the best thing for your teeth? Here is what I have discovered.
I also want to point out that eating cultured foods will greatly reduce problems with bad bacteria as the body starts to build the good colonies of beneficial bacteria within you. Helping to control bad bacteria can prevent a lot of problems in the mouth. The more cultured foods you eat, the better your body controls things such as gum disease and cavities.
Our teeth are like coral found in the ocean and they can remineralize just like coral. They are alive and constantly regenerating. When we use toothpaste with products such as glycerin and fluoride, the teeth can’t remineralize because they have been sealed off with these chemicals. Remove the chemicals, add minerals and a bacteria killer, and watch your teeth come back to life. You can take minerals drops in a glass of water after you brush your teeth. These are the ones I use. Mineral Drops.

Kids and cavities

A few years ago, I was at our food co-op. One of the people there was talking about how their whole family stopped having cavities and gum problems after they switched to toothpaste soap. They literally used an organic bar of soap made with organic coconut oil and virgin olive oil and put their toothbrushes on it and brushed their teeth. The woman went on and on about what a miracle it was that their kids didn’t get cavities anymore. I know that coconut oil is a powerful bacteria killer and it really got me to thinking differently about things.
A month later, I started looking around for a natural tooth brightener. To make a long story short. I bought some tooth soap and I loved it along with my whole family. It doesn’t have much of a taste, so this is a good thing when it comes to the taste of soap.
Then things began to happen after we started using toothsoap. The first thing that happened was my husband had a noticeable smell coming from his breath. I recognized this smell from years of being a dental assistant as bad bacteria. It had a similar smell to when we would go in and clean out a cavity. I talked to him about it and told him I thought he had a cavity and that maybe he should get it looked at. The smell got worse for a few weeks and he kept saying he was busy and it wasn’t bothering him and he would do it later. This went on for a while and then suddenly the smell was gone. Had the cavity gone away? Had the coconut oil killed this bacteria and was his tooth repairing itself? These are questions I am willing to get to the bottom of, but I  have to get him to cooperate to do it. His philosophy,  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  So I have no concrete evidence as to whether there is still a cavity there or not.

Gums and Toothsoap

My friend and CPA was having terrible problems with her gums. She was having gum scrapings with not much success. I recommended toothsoap and not only did her gums repair, but the teeth that were loose in their sockets firmed up and she stopped having any procedures because her teeth healed. She said when she first started using toothsoap her gums ached and then eventually subsided and her gums stopped hurting. She called me and said she is a believer in the power of this product and it saved not only her teeth but hundreds of dollars.
Toothsoap can be a little expensive so I devised my own product and tweaked it to fill in the missing pieces. I use simple ingredients, like coconut oil that has been saponified. This means that it will foam and mixes so that it doesn’t separate. I like to add a flavor, like peppermint extract. Eat your cultured foods, too. Give your body all the help it needs and it will take care of you.

Donna’s Tooth Soap
Tooth soap can be a little expensive so I devised my own product and tweaked it to fill in the missing pieces. I use simple ingredients, like coconut oil that has been saponified. This means that it will foam and mixes so that it doesn’t separate. I like to add a flavor, like peppermint extract. Eat your cultured foods, too. Give your body all the help it needs and it will take care of you.~Donna
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Servings: Family
  1. Add peppermint extract to the glass bottle. I add 1/2 teaspoon to 2 teaspoons depending on how my family likes it.
  2. Fill the bottle the rest of the way up with the liquid soap. Mix it up (gently) with the dropper.
  3. Add 3 or 5 drops of this Tooth Soap mixture to your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you normally would.
    Add 3 or 5 drops of this Tooth Soap mixture to your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you normally would.
Recipe Notes

Whitening Your Teeth

Eco- Dent ExtraBrite Tooth Whitener
Eco- Dent ExtraBrite Tooth Whitener

I have found that tooth soap doesn't whiten your teeth so I found something I use two to three times a week to keep them white. I sprinkle this on my toothbrush with the tooth soap.

Eco-Dent ExtraBrite Tooth Whitener

60 Responses to "Donna’s Toothsoap Recipe"
  1. Just recently read this article. So excited to try this! Just ordered the soap through Tropical Traditions. Do you drink the amount of minerals according to what is recommended?

  2. Hello Donna, I was wondering if I could use the Dr. Bronners soap I already have or make my own coconut oil soap for tooth soap?
    Thanks and Blessings

  3. Hello Donna, I am trying to keep my sugar intake to 20 grams per day to lose weight. I sent these 2 Questions to the author of the book I am trying to follow: The Name of The Book Is Fat To Skinny.

    Here Are The 2 Questions I asked!

    1.) I drink 16 ounces of Homemade Kefir (Fermented Raw Cow Milk) each day,have not been sick in almost 2 Years. I’m trying to find out the Sugar Content but have been unsuccessful.Do you think this will interfere with your way of eating ?

    2.) I also drink between 16 and 32 ounces of Homemade Kombucha (Fermented Tea) daily.
    Will this be O.K.?

    Here Is The Response:

    Each ounce of Kombucha is 1 carb so YES this will cause you a problem.

    Kefir has 9 grams of carbs per cup, again this will cause you a problem.

    I would eliminate both from your intake.

    I really don’t want to stop taking the kefir and kombucha!

    I would like your opinion on this?

    Thank You Very Much!


  4. How much of the saponified coconut oil needed. you say one bottle but I found them from 8oz to 1 gallon available.

  5. Hi Donna,
    Have you ever tried a probiotic toothpaste? My husband and I found PerioBiotic toothpaste on Amazon and also some various melt-in-your-mouth probiotic lozenges and were thinking of giving some of those a try.

    Also, I just discovered you after listening to a Hay House online interview and want to thank you for the treasure trove of information you’re providing!

  6. I have a 20 month old….is it safe to use the tooth soap inc brand instead of making it…..it just has the saponified coconut oil and olive oil in it.

    • I updated the product this description is for another product they sell. Here are the ingredients and the link so you can see. http://www.eco-dent.com/item.php?item=164024

      Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Tartaric Acid,
      Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Calcium Peroxide, Dicalcium
      Phosphate Dihydrate, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium
      Carbonate, Sea Salt, Hydrated Silica, Mentha Piperita
      (Peppermint) Oil, Menthol, Anethole, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba
      (Guar) Gum, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrhh) Resin Extract.

  7. I just bought a bottle of the soap. I did a trial run and used Dr. Bronners peppermint soap mixed with coconut oil and peppermint. There is a lot more of the oil than the soap. My so far take on it is: While brushing I don’t notice the soap, but it does come a few seconds after I quit, not overly pleasant, but it does fade after a minute. I still kind of make a face waiting for it to go away. The feeling of my teeth is exceptional. I have sensitive teeth, gave that up over a year ago, they have not been as sensitive since switching over to homemade toothpastes and eating better. I hope this will help even more. Sooo, I wanted to try this before giving the coconut soap a try, and feel it is now worth doing so. I don’t know if this soap will be milder than Bronners, I hope so. I don’t know though if I can get my teenage boys on board, certainly not the hubby, he loves his colgate. But I will try and won’t give up. Looking forward to trying this soap….we shall see!

  8. I tried to buy the liquid soap from your site but you guys don’t ship to Canada. Can that be changed? Thanks.

  9. what to do about really sensitive teeth? I switched to the coconut oil soap…but now I’m really worried next time I go for cleaning or dental work it will be intolerable…suction cold air rushing along teeth is horrible….

  10. Ok Donna, this stuff is awesome! I I Started using it about a week ago. It is so economical and does a good job on your teeth and gums. It does have a little bit of soap taste to it but not much. I am going to add more peppermint. Thank you for a great tooth soap.

  11. Hi Donna, Great toothsoap recipe! I was just wondering if you know what Tropical Traditions uses to ‘saponify’ there coconut oil? There has to be an alkali ingredient mixed with it to make the oil a liquid soap. If I’m putting this ‘soap’ in my mouth, I want to be sure there were no harmful chemicals used in the process and I’m sure you already checked that out 🙂

    • It’s lye. That’s the only thing you can use to make soap. But once the lye mixes with the water and oils it all sonorous into soap with no chemicals left.

  12. Hey Donna,

    Was hoping to find out if you are truly drinking the minerals or just swishing about in your mouth and then spitting out? If you are drinking them, I’m assuming then that is completely safe?


  13. Donna, thank you for this recipe. I have Been using a toothpaste That i made using coconut oil, alum free baking soda & peppermint oil.
    is the difference between the soponified coconut oil and regular coconut oil that drastic to make the switch? My family appreciates Your Health advice Thx on advance

  14. Hi Donna,
    I live in South Africa, and Things like saponified cocnut oil isnt realy available, unless you order at crazy prices. So I found A handmade bar of soap, grated and boiled it and finally made my toothsoap.
    The consistency is very nice- Foam- gelly. I already added almost the whole bottle of peppermint oil But the problem is that my soap still tastes like- well, soap, like when i ate the bath soap as a kid….
    Anyway, is this normal, or what should i do? Thanks for post, Keep well!

  15. Donna,
    I am in the process of gathering my supplies to make your toothsoap. I already have pure peppermint oil in my cabinet. Is this a different product than the extract you are recommending? If so, do you think I could use the pure oils in lesser amounts or do you think I should order the simply organics extracts? Amazon is currently selling that product in a pack of 6. Thanks for your advice.

  16. Donna, thank you for the recommend Toothsoap recipe..I will surely try it with my family! An unrelated question here please: I used to have A dark gum which beautifully contrasted with my white teeth. My gum is no longer as dark And was wondering if There is some advice you would give me to have it Resored to it’s original color? gums. Thank you.

    • Margaret, I would ask your dentist or doctor about this. Sometimes this can indicate anemia, a condition where there are not enough red blood cells to carry adequate amounts of oxygen to all the body’s tissue. Do you get enough iron in your diet?

  17. I get my teeth cleaned every 3 month’s, because I have have pockets and jaw bone is almost gone. Right nowx I’m using ecodent everyday care along with the brightner twice a week. Also using a waterpick twice a day after I brush teeth. Before I go to bed I rinse with clove oil mixed with water. Been doing this for about a month, was wondering if toothsoap would be better for me than the ecodent? My gums in back are a number 6 and should be a 5 to be placed back on every 6 months. I really needxsome great advice….. please help. Thank you Donna 🙂

    • The coconut oil makes all the difference. I would switch to the toothsoap. It has made a huge difference for people and I think it would help you also.

  18. Hi Donna. I’m not seeing a link for the minerals. What kind of minerals and do you have a resource? I have huge dental issues and would really like to try this out.

  19. Love this toothpaste! Im having one problem though. Something is solidifying. I know it can’t be the coconut oil. I’m using all the right ingredients and in the correct portions. But yeah, there’s something solid(waxy) floating in the center! Help :/

    • Its the minerals. They changed the formula and it solidifies it. Just use the minerals by themselves in a glass of water but just use the coconut and peppermint for the toothsoap still works its just the minerals will be taken separately. I but a few drops in a glass of water to drink after I brush my teeth and I think it works better because you absorb more and don’t rinse them away. I had to change the recipe.

  20. We do not use mint toothpaste because we use a lot of homeopathic remedies. Can I leave out the peppermint or replace it with something else?

  21. Where do you find the saponified coconut oil? I’d like to try this recipe. Thanks for all the good information.

  22. The Ecodent has sodium laurel sulfate in it. Don’t you find that problematic, seeing as it’s a toxin?

    • ok – i just figured it out by clicking on the items! sorry… on another note I have had success with oil pulling – oil pulling made my teeth cleaner than when i went to the dentist and it whitened them as well!

  23. I am totally confused. You do not list tooth soap in your list of ingregients but in the text we are told to add it. What is tooth soap? you picture regular hand soap. Help.

    • The tooth soap is just coconut oil in the big bottle picture there. This coconut oil is used as hand soap because it stays liquid and will foam when you use it.

  24. I am wondering about the “saponified” coconut oil the photo is of a coconut oil soap not coconut oil itself. So do you put soap + mint flavor+ mineral drops OR saponified coconut oil+ Mint flavor+ mineral drops??? Also how do you get hubby onboard eating more cultured foods if he doesn’t like them or wants to keep eating his normal junk food not healthier versions of it?

    • The coconut oil that is saponified which keeps it in a liquid form. The minerals and the peppermint extract. It took me years to figure that out. I just did it in front of him and little by little he came along. Now He eats them everyday.

  25. Excellent recipe! Has anyone tried this with kids? I have been trying to find an alternative to all the sweet fluoridated kids toothpaste out there.

  26. Wonderful article! And something I’m going to try! Thank you for this post and btw I love your page design and ease of use! Pinned it! 🙂

  27. Oh, this is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the information. I already use coconut oil to pull out toxins in my mouth. I’ve even heard of brushing my teeth with pure coconut oil, too 🙂 🙂

    Oh and thanks for recommending that tooth whitening stuff at the end of your post, too 🙂 🙂

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

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