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Kefir in Every Town


acai kefir

You are what you eat. What would YOU like to be.Julie Murphy

My daughter Maci moved to Mission Viejo, California, in April and I went to visit  a few months later. I was blown away with all the healthy food choices and health food stores on every corner. We would get up at 6 a.m. and spend our days going to the beach, farmers markets, and healthy cafes and restaurants that she had picked out just for me. Cultured foods were everywhere and I felt that I had come home to a world that was just waiting for me.

maci and donna copyWe went to Whole Foods Market and someone recognized me, gave me a big hug and thanked me for making cultured foods so easy to incorporate into her family’s life.  For many years I’ve wanted to help people find this amazing discovery I had found in cultured foods. At first I only told a few people. And just like microbes that grow and multiply when fed and nurtured, the message began to grow. One person turned into 10, and 10 to 100, until before I knew it thousands were finding the message every day. Cultured foods heal and make well.

restaurants all over serving cultured foods

cultured food diningIf you change what resides in your gut, this will turn around and change you. The good bacteria in your gut will reduce inflammation, make vitamins, change your cravings, reduce the stress on digestion, fight foreign invaders, and work to keep your immune system functioning well, along with a myriad of other things. If you change what you eat, it will change people around you. As you heal, you will become a lighthouse and others will want to know what has happened to you. This is how it works. You will stop supporting the people that make junk food, and healthier options will take their place – just by you changing what you eat and buy. My daughter has been finding restaurants all over that serve cultured foods.  Check out our Cultured food dining pinterest board! I encourage you to support these places and watch them grow and multiply. I am one person who 5 years ago, had a huge desire to help others get better. Never in my widest dreams did I think it would turn into this. It all starts with you and me, my friends. You gotta eat something – why not make it something crazy good for you that tastes fantastic, too. Don’t underestimate how powerful the food you eat actually is. You spend a lot of time eating and choosing foods to eat. If you look at each thing you eat and ask, “Is the food I’m eating creating wellness or disease?” you will not only change yourself but quite possibly the world. Test this.

banzi and Maci Who needs Gelato

I was blown away with how easy it was to find healthy food choices in California. It almost hurts that everybody doesn’t have these options. It made it so easy to eat healthy! One of my very favorite places was called Banzai Bowl. They served the most delicious concoctions of frozen fruits topped with granola and fresh coconut and extra fruit. Who needs Gelato when you have something this delicious? I loved it so much that I wanted to make it at home and try adding kefir – and I did just that. When you have a craving for something special, you should try this really simple dessert-like treat. You will look at kefir in a whole new way.

“The best strategy we’ve got is to just add in the good stuff. Eventually, it’s going to crowd out the bad stuff.”David Wolfe

Kefir Acai Bowl
You can add or change the toppings. Here are some I recommend: Granola, flaked coconut, walnuts, chocolate chips, sliced almonds, pecans, goji berries, or fresh fruit like blueberries, cut up bananas and strawberries, or dragon fruit!~Donna
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  • 1Packet frozen acaiI let my acai packets thaw for about 5 minutes before I use them.
  • 1/2Cup Kefir
  • 1Cup frozen fruitAny fruit!
  • Honeyoptional
  • extra fruitfor topping
  1. Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until creamy and smooth.
  2. Top with fresh fruit, granola and a drizzle of honey!
Recipe Notes

This will make two large acai bowls!

18 Responses to "Kefir in Every Town"
  1. Donna – does blending kefir in a high speed blender or any blender hurt the kefir in anyway? I was always afraid it would make it not good – kill the good helpful guys. This was not based on anything I read anywhere. Thank you!

    • I have not found it to be harmful only beneficial. I make a lot of smoothies and found kefir to work just as well either way.

  2. Hi Donna,
    Can you please tell me how to make the polka dot cubes in recipe? Love the contrast!

    Thank you,


  3. Would you please share your recipe for Pizza and bread dough recipes made with Kefir whey. I used the kefir whey as a culture starter for Apple Kraut and fermented veggies. Thank you Marlene

  4. Glad you’re finding good healing food options in SoCal! Wasn’t always like that when I lived there.

    If you want to see an original natural/organic food heaven, please come to western Oregon. Here in Eugene, folks have made food healing an art form for decades. There’s a temperate climate, pure water, a wealth of biodiversity, a strong barter/sharing economy, and the maxim is, “Know your farmers, ranchers, fisherfolk, herbalists, and beekeepers – we’re your neighbors.” Hope you visit soon.

  5. Living in Cape Town in South Africa, it is disappointing that I cannot follow your recipes because we don’t get all the ingredients you mention. Especially cultured veg starter packs. But enjoy your site otherwise.

    • You’ll get there eventually. It was once very slow going as far as cultures go in US as well and is gradual getting more common and normal. You can still make cultured veggies without a starter and if you can find a bottle of original kombucha you can grow your own scoby as well. When I was building up our cultured food dining page I found a restaurant that I believe was in capetown that serves cultured foods! If it is near you, you should check it out!

      Cultured Food Dining: Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room Offers unique menu items somed served with Kimchi, you can order a glass of Tibicos (fermented wtih kefir grains) or Kombucha on tap! Location: iKapa, Western Cap

  6. Hi Donna
    I have been making kefir for a about three years now and use to have more than I could use until I got your book.I really enjoy how simple and delicious your recipes are. I make a great bread with whole grains and the kefir whey instead of bakers yeast.I mix all the ingredients and let them ferment overnight then bake the next day.
    I live in Orange Southern Calif. and wondered if you have herd about Fermentation Farm (www.fermfarm.com)?It’s a store in Costa Mesa Calif.that sells all kinds of fermented foods and is not far from Mission Viejo.
    Have a nice day.
    beekeeper Janet

    • Yes, I have heard of the Fermentation Farm and my daughter visited there and posted it on my fb page. Great place!

      Great bread recipe. I do this for pizza dough too.

  7. My wife introduced me to kefir and I am really enjoying it. I am hypoglycemic and do not do sugar. For desert now in the evenings I have a bowl of kefir and take a tablespoon of organic almond butter and mash and mix into it. It’s a great dessert, I guess rather like almond yogurt.

  8. Where do yo get the acai : I think I have seen powered acai but not frozen. Just to clarify for me..is acai a fruit ? Thanks

      • I get my frozen acai from AmaFruits, on the Internet. It is organic and they deliver to my door. I learned this originally from another great website called “Incredible Smoothies.” Tracy Russell is the writer of 1000’s of smoothie recipes. I just insert kefir in each one.

  9. I will make this! I just got my kefir culture from you last Wednesday and I am in full production. It poured like lava over the jar when I opened it although I almost snatched it out of the mailman’s hands. Got raw milk yesterday! I am sure you miss Maci, but what wonderful times you are having together.

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