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Juices and Cultured Foods


  The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.

Have you heard of Dr. Max Gerson, the health pioneer ? His story is something straight out of a movie, but his treatment for disease is pretty impressive. Max Gerson (1881-1959) was a  German physician who fled to the United States during Hitler’s holocaust. Barely escaping, he came to the United states in 1936 to practice medicine, only to watch helplessly as many extended family members were killed in concentration camps.

I have read a lot about his therapies, which include a lot of fresh juices, and it was his book that convinced me that juicing was a great thing to add to my diet. I started adding cultured foods to my juices, but before I get into that I want to tell you all that he went through to bring his treatments of healing to the world.

Max Gerson was the personal physician to Albert Einstein as well as being the personal physician to medical doctor and missionary, Albert Schweitzer. Schweitzer believed that Gerson’s diet therapy cured him of adult-onset diabetes and cured his wife of tuberculosis.  Max spent most of his life researching and creating a treatment that he claimed put an end to all the major diseases of the 20th century. In the mid-1940’s, he decided to tell everybody about his treatments.  In an effort to prove that his therapies worked, he took five successfully cured “incurable” cancer patients to visit Congress. The AMA and Big Pharma went on the attack and said his claims were invalid.

he was poisoned and his manuscript stolen

Max Gerson-2 copyWhile writing down all his research and putting it into a book, he was poisoned and his manuscript stolen.  Using his own therapy, he was able to survive the arsenic poisoning only to scratch out the book again as there were no copy machines at that time. He was then poisoned yet again with a massive dose of arsenic and was dead within the year. The establishment claimed he died of lung cancer. But his daughter, Charlotte, claimed there were no tumors on his lungs and there was arsenic detected in his urine after he complained of stomach cramps upon drinking his afternoon coffee. There is forensic evidence to support her claim and she said  his weakened condition was from ingesting arsenic at his 77 years of age which simply precipitated a lung infection. His daughter has carried on his legacy, published his book, and founded the Gerson Institute which helps many to this day.

walking in the food steps of those who came before me

The National Cancer Institute evaluated Gerson’s claims and concluded that his data showed no benefit from his treatment although hundreds of people claim the opposite. Whatever actually took place in all these conspiracy theories, I think there is much to learn from Max Gerson. I am grateful that he convinced me to start adding fresh juices to my family’s diet along with my own addition of cultured foods. Although he didn’t add fermented foods, his diet is full of prebiotics (food for bacteria) in the form of massive fruits and vegetables which essentially change your microbiome.

His theory states that “Ultimately, once the body, including the intestinal tract, is cleansed and nourished properly, healthy gut flora will be restored.” Of course, this was before the explosion of people taking antibiotics in excess. I have added cultured foods to my juices to further help the body restore itself and found it’s a terrific combination of enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, and tons of vitamins and minerals. Walking in the food steps of those who came before me led me to find cultured foods. I think there is good in everybody and I think Max has wisdom to impart. In a day and age where everyone is preaching what you shouldn’t eat, I am surprised we can find anything to eat anymore!  I believe so much in the body’s ability to be well. Whatever healing or wellness modality you believe in, do it with all your heart. Take the journey to wellness and find out for yourself what works for you, and then share it with others who are seeking what you have. You can decide for yourself by making fresh juices with added cultured foods and let your body guide you. It’s your best teacher.


holli's morning green juiceyou can cram all kinds of good ingredients in their morning juices 

My daughter Holli is obsessed with the musical Into the Woods. Every morning when I hand her a glass of green juice she starts singing these lyrics from the movie, “Greens, greens, nothing but greens; Parsley, peppers, cabbages, and celery, Asparagus and watercress and Fiddleferns and lettuce!” She cracks me up! We’ve been having  fresh green juices for breakfast every morning with a song, and my Holli loves it. Which, let me tell you, is a big deal. Holli and her father are super picky eaters and I can cram all kinds of good ingredients in their morning juices and they drink it up! If you have a picky eater who doesn’t like cultured foods, then juicing and adding cultured foods is a godsend. You can pack all kinds of goodness and probiotics into one drink, and they will begin to crave it and ask for it. It’s pretty simple, you just pick some fresh veggies and a fruit along with a spoonful of cultured veggies and a little kombucha and you have one heck of a powerful drink. Tons of veggies and fruits plus probiotics, it’s a great way to start your day. I crave it now and I love that I can use up extra produce before it goes bad by juicing it with some cultured foods in the mix as well. Your picky eater will love it, too.

omega jucier copyDo you want to know what juicer I use and why? I spent weeks looking for one and finally decided on this one.  Click here: Donna’s Juicer.

A big thanks to Max Gerson who is long gone but left his mark on this world, so I could find it, use it, and make my life better.  I love pioneers – they inspire me to do my best. 

Holli's Morning Greens
You can make all kinds of juices and add cultured veggies or kombucha to the juice. The combinations are endless. Stay tuned - we are going to be adding a lot of juice recipes to my Biotic Pro membership site.~Donna
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  • 1 medium apples
  • 2 cups kale
  • 1large cucumbers
  • 1-2Tablespoon cultured veggiesAny will do. You can also just use the juice from the cultured veggies
  • 2Tablespoon Kombuchaany flavor will do
  • 1small slice lemon
Servings: serving
  1. Add all ingredients except the kombucha into a juicer and juice.
  2. Pour into a glass.
    Pour into a glass.
  3. Add the kombucha to the juice and serve immediately.
27 Responses to "Juices and Cultured Foods"
  1. Hi, re using left over vegetable pulp. I wanted to know if it was okay to juice veges from the supermarket as buying organic all the time is really expensive and a book came to me called Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices by N. W. Walker D Sc. In it he said that pesticides and toxins where stored in the fiber of the fruit and veges and this gets separated out when you juice them, so maybe it is not such a good idea to use left over vegetable pulp. Has anyone else come across this idea anywhere else?

  2. I forgot to mention that I make milk kifer. I read where the one lady uses that but I don’t quit understand.

  3. Thank you for bringing Max Gerson’s history to my attention. I myself am a pioneer woman West Point grad. My life has been a living hell. The battles for over money, power, & control are stronger than ever in this day and time. We all must fight for truth and justice for all people and our beautiful planet. No GMOs, either No Vaccines or make them safe, no chemtrails, no implanted microchips and no secret mind control programs. Fermented Foods are fantastic. We must also fight against these other evils or we will not be here to get healthy from the fermented foods. A tribute to Max Gerson and Blessings to All!

    • Amy, your words are so true..I keep the faith that God put me here now for some reason…Long for us to live and pass it on… Terri Gibbs, D.C.

  4. I love this, Donna! What a great background story for supporting juicing. I was wondering where y’all got the glass milk bottles with the lids that you have pictured. I’d love to have some for on the go with my girls!

  5. Good Morning Donna! I have a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer; do you know if this would be an acceptable juicer to use? What am I looking for to know if it is, or not? Thank you!!! Sheila Moser

  6. hi donna,
    why do you juice it first? I prefer blending it so that I have all the fiber. I have been doing it this way and then leaving the mix to ferment over night with kefir. I`d be interested in your opinion on my unusual breakfast smoothy

  7. Do you have a use for the vegetable pulp that’s left after juicing? Is there any nutrient value left after the juicing process? Also, would it be good to use for a vegetable soup stock?

  8. Thanks so much for your website and the awesome topics! Gerson’s story is certainly interesting! I can’t really afford a juicer but pureeing the ingredients into a smoothie with the added probiotics is the next best thing…not as concentrated but still getting some fiber! LOL! Fermenting these concoctions sounds like an awesome idea too… I’ve done similar with pureed carrots.
    Another passion of mine is foraging… to supplement my produce, keep costs down and mostly to increase nutrition, wild plants (better known as “weeds”) are loaded with health properties our standard veggies are lacking, and truly can be medicine! Of course you have to learn a lot and know what you are looking for, but for me that is a huge part of the benefit too… it gets me outside and exercising and satisfies some primal need to supply my own nourishment! Lots of rewards! Here in FL, nopales (opuntia cactus pads) grow everywhere, and are a favorite forage I often ferment too, either alone or used chopped into my fermented salsa! They contain a substance similar to the effects of an anti-diabetic drug to control blood sugar, all natural, and for free! Awesome!

  9. I just received a Juicer as a gift and am grateful that I can now include juices in our diet but to date, I’ve been making Kefir smoothies for my husband and myself with my raw milk kefir, chia seeds , Amazing Greens powder, 1 tbsp. coconut oil, 1/2 c. of berries and a serving of Vega Protein powder or Whey protein from Grass Fed cows.
    Do you think it matters when you have the juice? Before or after a kefir drink? A juice alone wouldn’t be enough to start our engine and keep us going till lunch.
    Thanks for your thoughts!

  10. Do you ever ferment your vegetable juice and if so how do you do it. Thank you for so much information that is an encouragement to try what is unfamiliar to me.

  11. I was wondering what I can do with all the whey that I am accumulating from making the kefir cheese? This is not really off topic because I’m thinking there must be a green drink of some sort that could be made. Any suggestions? I have a lot of whey and don’t want to waste it.

  12. What a GREAT idea to add Kombucha or fermented veggies/juice to the morning juicing! The possibilities with cultured foods are endless! Thanks for your inspiration, recipes and info. My six year old daughter is eating this yummy stuff and learning right along with me. We appreciate you!

  13. Hi Donna,
    I have a question- the juicer you use looks like has really great features. I am wondering, you said it is easy to clean. Would that would be true without a dishwasher. I have tried a couple of juicers over the years but always end up giving it up because of the time it takes to clean them without a dishwasher. It’s really been a huge mess with the ones I have tried.

  14. Thank you Donna, you are a blessing to me and my daughter, I can thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  15. The Gearson therapies were way ahead of their time. Charlotte Gearson (Max’s daughter practicing in Mexico because the American AMA see’s her therapies and success rate with patients unsubstantial. The ironic part (in a very sad way) is Charlotte is utilizing the Gearson therapies her father created to treat Medical patients physicians in the United States have deemed “incurable” and have given up on!

    There are two great movies telling these remarkable stories and more entitled: “Dying To Have Known” and “The Beautiful Truth”

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