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How to Make Sprouted Flour


Wheat Grains
Wheat Grains

Jamie Quinn at http://essentialeating.com/ says; “Sprouted flour does not go rancid like all other flours do, and is more shelf stable? When whole grains are sprouted properly the germ cell is consumed by the endosperm and is no longer in a state that can become rancid. When grain is sprouted, and dried it becomes a stable food ingredient, allowing it to maintain its freshness and shelf life much, much longer than unsprouted flour. Unlike unsprouted flour, sprouted flour does not need to be refrigerated and will last at least 6 months on your counter.”

  1. Place wheat berries in a bowl.
  2. Cover them with filtered water for 36 hours. They will get tiny little tails and be a little bubbly.
  3. Rinse them in warm water and drain.
  4. Place them in a dehydrator at 100 degrees for 8 to 10 hours.
  5. Make sure they are crispy and hard. You can ruin your grain mill if your grains are wet.
  6. Grind in grain mill for flour.
  7. Store flour in sealed container.  Will last at least 6 months on your container.

To see the video: How to Make Sprouted Flour.

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Dehydrating Wheat Grains
Dehydrating Wheat Grains
52 Responses to "How to Make Sprouted Flour"
  1. Donna, Thank you for all the wonderful information. I have a question about how sprouted wheat should smell. Does it have a fermented, sour smell? Is this ok?

      • Thank you for your answer. I’m enjoying my own homemade kefir, kombucha, cultured veggies, and now sprouted bread, all because of your book and blog information. The detox was rough, but now I’m reaping the benefits of these fermented foods! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Donna,
    I have made several loaves of sprouted wheat bread and several loaves of sprouted wheat sourdough bread following your instructions as closely as I can. All the loaves rise nicely but sink in the middle as soon as I put them in the oven. What am I doing wrong? We all love the bread but it is quite heavy.

      • Hello Donna,

        The recipe I have for Rejuvelac states that it’s ready after two soakings of the sprouts, then to compost the sprouts. My question is, if one is soaking the sprouts for Rejuvelac, can they then be used for flour once dehydrated? Guess I’m trying to get my biggest bang for the buck. Does soaking the sprouts too long diminish or negate the health benefits of sprouting grains to make flour? Can I have my Rejuvelac and flour and eat it too? In other words, my cake and eat it too? 🙂 Thanks. Loving your site and learning so much!

  3. So, if they aren’t too crunchy I am thinking that I could flavor them before dehydrating to have a crunchy snack. Will that work? I am new to this well, doing it myself. I want to not only have healthy meals in my house, but, healthy snacks, too. I am so excited to try this. Healthy bread will be on my table soon!!

  4. whats an enexpensive grinder i can buy to grind the sprouted grains? i have a nutrimill but they say not to grind sprouted grain in it because it could blow the motor for some reason ;(

  5. Local health food store doesn’t carry wheat berries. Any suggestions on where to find GMO free berries? And, do you use hard or soft? Thanks again!

  6. Donna – can’t thank you enough for your wonderful website. I’m enjoying my kefir daily made from your grains and feel it’s helping my digestion and other problems a lot.

    I bought 5 lbs of sprouted spelt grains before realizing you have instructions here for sprouting our own. Do you know how long sprouted grains will store when they haven’t been milled yet? What is the best way to store them?

    Thank you

      • I’ve since purchased your book and LOVE IT! Thank you for the info which is helping me get started. Can you also recommend some dehydrators for me to get started? I could not find any on your site. And, do you have link on your website to article with info on how sprouted bread is beneficial for diabetics! THANK YOU AGAIN for our help!

  7. I bought some wheat berries at Whole Foods, soaked them for 36 hours and noting happened. No tails, no bubbling. Was something done to the berries to prevent them from sprouting?? Frustrated!!

  8. We are living in a motorhome and not much room. Was wondering if you can dry the soaked grains in the sun? Appreciate your help. Thanks for all the information on your site. Has been a real eye opener and now making krauts and kefir. Mary

  9. I live in a hot climat and I have had my spelt grain sprout and water bubbly in less than 12 hours. Is the sprouting done….or does it need the full 36 hours? Also, have noticed not always able to see tails on every single grain?

    • I use soft for things like cakes and muffins but hard for breads. But this is not a hard and fast rule. I just use what i have if I run out of one or the other.

  10. I wanted to share a tip, hope you don’t mind. Adding Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to the grains your soaking will reduce the risk of mold.

  11. Hi Donna, I have soaked spelt grain overnight and they have all sprouted. The water was bubbling a bit…when i rinsed the grain, they are really quite soft and a little bit slimyish. I have them in the dehydrater now…and they have a yeasty sought of smell…is this ok? Are they too soaked?

  12. I’ve been sprouting spelt berries for several months, grinding the berries to make flour for donna’s hamburger buns, bread, etc. (we love the recipes1) but i never seem to see the small tails when I sprout. do I need to rinse the berries during the 36-hour period? what about soaking for 12 hours then keeping them moist for 24 – 36 hours? Any assistance would be appreciated.


      • Thanks Donna. They must be really tiny! 🙂 I see a few, maybe on 10% after 40 hours. Does it matter if the filtered water is room temp or straight from the tap? (we have a Multi Pur system connected to the cold water line.) Does one follow the same instructions whether using spelt or wheat berries?



  13. My berries soaked up all the water, and I have 15 more hours to go. Should I add a little more?

  14. I have been wanting to get a dehydrator. can i just get an inexpensive one from walmart or target? will that be sufficient?

    • You can do this but I am not sure how long they will last. The reason I use the one I have on my site is because I can expand it and add more trays as I need it.

  15. I thought someone told me that sprout steel cut oatmeal in apple cider Vinegar. Have you heard of this or is this only with Oatmeal and not Wheat Berries?

      • Can you make sprouted grain flour from Steel cut oats or does it have to be wheat berries? I am on gluten-free diet.

        • You actually soak oats but they don’t sprout like berries but it does release the inhibitors and pylates. Which is what causes problems. Soaking grains of any kind allows the grain or oat to transform.

  16. 07/19/2012
    I am new to cultured foods and am so excited about these foods. My concern is that I do not have a dehydrator, can I use my oven? If so how can I prevent burning or overheating and ruining the life in the grain? Is there a way around the dehydrator? Help, please and thank you.

    • You can’t use the oven unless the temperature goes to 115 degrees. The only other suggestion is it is so hot that you can dry them outsie when the temperature is so hot right now. Keep them cover bugs and birds love them.

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