How I Fought Viruses With Cultured Foods

Cultured Vegetables

It astonishes me that everybody doesn't know about Cultured Veggies - they are such powerful little scrub brushes for the colon and deliver such powerful anti-virus abilities. Over and over again I have seen these veggies knock out colds and flu and even work magic on food poisoning. The thing that most surprised me was how well they helped with my daughter's chickenpox.

My 10-year-old Holli was in a theater production with someone who had chickenpox, so everybody in the play (who had not had the virus) got it. I was actually relieved to see that she was exposed so her body would build up immunity to it. The body is actually made stronger after a virus because of its ability to make its own immunities to it. One evening, I started seeing spots on Holli. She is not one who gets sick, so she started to cry. She was afraid of what all this would mean. I checked her temperature and it was 101, so I knew she had chickenpox. I gave her a spoonful of cultured veggie juice and put her to bed. The next morning she had quite a few blisters and kept getting more. I told her she wouldn't have school for a while, so she thought having chickenpox was going to be okay. The funny thing was, the only symptoms had been the fever that one night and the blisters. The second day I called my husband into the living room to show him Holli doing handstands in the living room. The third day she asked me if she could go out in the backyard for a little while. Looking out the window, I see her twirling around in circles in her pajamas and jumping on the trampoline. I had given her cultured veggies, about a spoonful every six hours, but never expected this. I don't know about you, but when I had chickenpox I was sick as a dog that first week. Was it the veggies? I cannot be entirely sure, but I have seen them do miraculous things; from curing food poisoning in an afternoon, to stopping severe vomiting, killing Candida, and helping with colds and flu.

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Getting Started

These foods have guided me to living a healthier life. They gently pointed the way for me as I followed the bread trail they left for me. These are just a few of the many, many stories giving witness to their ability to heal and make well all who consume them. I am counting my blessings every day that these foods made their way to me. Don't take my word for it, try them for yourself.

Get started by picking the food that most interests you, kefir, kombucha, cultured veggies or water kefir. I have lots of recipes and instructions to help you. Pick the one that most interest you and get started getting culture!

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Your body is designed to fight colds and the flu and keep your immune system running strong. Learn how to strengthen your body’s inner reserves and find yourself sailing through cold and flu season. If you have any gastro trouble, cultured foods work for that too. I and many others have found nothing more effective.