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Change the World With Raspberry Kefir


boats rising Whenever I feel discouraged there is a special quote by JFK that my husband Ron repeats to me quite often. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” I want so much to uplift others that just saying the words will knock out any discouragement I am feeling. Ron has told me many times that as I grow and find the strength to get better, I take others with me. It’s just inevitable and he was right.

Studied seven families

When you and I find the courage and strength to be better in any regard we help everyone around us. This goes for every area of our lives and even what we eat – and it includes our bacteria. If you and I are 99% microbial, this means that every room we go into and everything we touch becomes infused with our bacteria. They studied seven families across the United States, and when these families moved into new homes they began to colonize it with their bacteria in just a few minutes, completely changing the environment rapidly and replacing it with the bacteria that they contained on them and in their bodies. In this day and age, with antibiotic resistance growing rapidly, the new research says probiotics will be the new drugs of the future.

raspberry kefirGiving up sugar

This last summer I gave up refined sugar completely. (You can read more about that here) It was just me and I didn’t ask anybody else in my family to do it with me. But soon my daughter Holli followed and she now eats just fruit when she wants something sweet. This was a huge deal for her. My husband was going to the grocery store one day and she asked him to get her more bananas since she eats them for dessert now. The next thing I knew, he was eating them just like her and now we are all sugar free with very little effort. They have always said you become like the people you associate with, and I have seen this to be very true in my own life as well as others. Somebody has to decide to be different and take a stand; and when you do, your rising tide will begin to float the boats around you. Not everybody will follow, and trying to convince them is the worst thing you can do. They will resist if they’re not ready, and it’s better to just be an example and let those who want to join you come. Be an example and your bright light will make them want what you have.


Cravings come from your bacteria

If you change the bacteria in your gut it will help you change what you eat. Those cravings you have for junk food often come from the bacteria in your gut. You have many different species of microbes and they send out cravings for certain foods so they can stay alive. Many fruits and veggies are prebiotics – fuel for bacteria – and if you flood your gut with these kinds of foods the terrain inside of you changes dramatically. So maybe all this time we thought that fruits and vegetables made us healthy because they had antioxidants; when all the while, they were really feeding our microbiome and thus changing the inner world of the gut and cravings.

Change every room you walk into

Why not change every room you walk into with your good bacteria? You have 100 trillion helpers with you everywhere you go. Invisible forces that can be used for good to change the world we live in. This isn’t science fiction, this is the way things really are. If one person decides to get healthy it spreads to others. If enough of us change our bacteria and become strong we could wipe out antibiotic-resistant bugs fast! We wouldn’t need antibiotics because our own bacteria would be strong enough to keep everything in balance. Cultured foods are a great way to start. Pick one, just one: kefir, kombucha, or cultured veggies. Eat them and give it a try. The old paradigm systems of drugs and surgeries to repair the body aren’t working. We have to change what we eat, strengthen ourselves from the inside out, and then we become unstoppable. Your trillions of helpers will help you, but you have to feed them and make them grow. Make friends with your microbes . . . they were placed inside you to keep you well. It was an ingenious plan. It’s just time you knew about it.

Try my raspberry kefir. It’s a great place to start changing your world for the better.

Raspberry Kefir
You can add goji berries or granola for an extra topping.~Donna
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  1. Blend all ingredients, except banana, in a blender until well combined.
  2. Pour into a glass or bowl and top with sliced bananas
  3. Top with whipped coconut topping
15 Responses to "Change the World With Raspberry Kefir"
  1. Donna, don’t you have a recipe for the whipped COCONUT kefir topping made with canned coconut milk (using just the thick part)? This sounds very yummy!


  2. Even bananas have too much sugar for me (never ending candida..ugh) this would be good without banana? I happen to have 8 jars of my delicious raw milk/coconut milk kefir fermenting right now..thanks to you!

  3. Try a teaspoon of medical grade 30+ Manuka Honey first thing in the morning for acid reflux. It cured mine! it kills any form of bacteria and is great for acid reflux or digestion problems. But it has to be over 30+. then have your kefir milk everyday and you will be amazed.

  4. Looks yummy. Question: We have been on the Keifer for about 6 mo. now. I have felt no change in my health problems. Acid reflex being one of them. I had high hopes it would rid me of this horrible problem. Any idea’s? Thanks, sue

    • Are you drinking homemade or store bought kefir and how much? How about the rest of your diet is it high in carbs and sugar which is a big cause of acid reflux

    • Donna is exactly right. I started making kefir about 5 years ago because I needed help with reflux. Adding kefir and cultured veggies helps a lot but you also have to stop eating sugar. Totally stop. In fact I quit sugar, bread and dairy for a long time. I just recently started eating sourdough bread and raw milk but I won’t ever eat sugar again. My reflux is so much better now. Another hint is to eat raw almonds every day. I don’t know why but they stop heartburn. I eat them like I used to eat Rolaids.
      Sauerkraut also stops heartburn. I took prescription drugs for over 30 years but not anymore. I think what I had been eating was causing the problem then and what I am eating now is healing me……kefir and cultured foods.
      Linda A

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