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Best of Cultured Food Life 2015: Our Top Articles


2015 new Year2015 has been a busy year at Cultured Food Life. We launched many new products in our store and shipped four tons of products last year. I started a weekly radio show on Hay House Radio. My new book came out: Cultured Food for Health and we expanded our Biotic Pro membership site with many new recipes, menus, and a live chat. The best new addition has been my daughter Maci who joined the Cultured Food Life Team and I am so thankful!  She already knows so much about cultured foods and it has been a huge blessing to me. Many thanks to Ron, Chris, Jane, Debbie, and Maci for all the support and strength they give to me and to others. I love our team!

Thank you to all of you who read my blogs and books, buy my products, and last, but not least, my Biotic Pro Members. We are getting ready to add so much new content for my members this year and we are excited, because you feel like family to us.

I get up in the morning excited about the day because of all of you. Helping you and sharing with you all that I have learned is so rewarding. I can scarcely remember my life without you in it. It’s so wonderful to see people find wellness and get their life back.

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As we close out 2015, I hope you will look to this next year as a chance to find the you that you were always meant to be – healthy and happy.

This is our top content of the year that you may have missed. Below you’ll find some of our most popular shared blogs of the year.

Have a happy, healthy new year and remember . . . I love your guts – quite literally. ~ Donna

New Food copyTop 10 Articles of 2015


8 Responses to "Best of Cultured Food Life 2015: Our Top Articles"
  1. Hi Donna, I need help! I am having a hard time eating the cultured vegs. and I think I am following the instructions in making the. I need help in way to use them and and prepare for the table. I know I really need them but Your input would be helpful. You are doing such a wonderful work trying to help people to have better health. Thanks so much. Dottie

      • Hi, do you eat the cultured vegs. as they come out of the jar or do you prepare them in some other way? I guess I’m just not use to the flavor and so it is harder for me to eat. Thanks for your help. Dottie

        • I have lots of ways to eat them straight or out of the jar. Lots of recipes under cultured vegetables on my site and lots in my book. Cultured Food for Health.

  2. Just writing to send thanks to Donna and the Cultured Food Life team for all that I’ve learned about probiotics this year from this site. It has made a big difference in my health this year, so I’ve spread the good microbes along to everyone around me who was open to trying it. I even sent out a dozen packets of Easy Kefir in holiday cards to friends and family, as well as a couple gift copies of Donna’s book. I can’t really think of a better gift than to get someone started on building a better microbiome! Happy New Year, and thanks again for this great resource.

  3. I tried the Easy Kefir and love it! Made coconut kefir, added a teaspoon of organic sugar since it was unsweetened. It’s delicious!

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