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An Easier Way to Lose Weight


Jon GabrielIt was 11 years ago when I first read Jon Gabriel’s Book, “The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body.” Jon is a biochemical researcher who lost 220 pounds and wrote an international best-selling book about how he did it. I was so mesmerized by his book that I read it in two days.

I was surprised to learn that one of the best weight loss techniques out there is meditation. That may sound strange and you might even be thinking, “But meditation doesn’t even burn any calories, all you’re doing is just sitting motionless. So how can it help you lose weight?” We’re conditioned to think of weight loss as simply a function of calories in and calories out, so how can something as simple as meditation help?

I Didn’t Believe it Would Work

I didn’t really believe it would work until I tried it for myself. We have the most miraculous body, and our mind and body have developed systems that help run this incredible machine. As Jon describes in his book, no matter what diet he tried he never let go of the weight. His mind and body had programmed him to stay fat, and it was a battle. It wasn’t until he started meditating that he got his mind, body, and actions in sync. When I was growing up, being thin was a big deal. This was instilled in me from an early age. It came from my family, my friends, and everyone around me. I spent years dieting and feeling inadequate, even when I was at a good weight. I never felt good enough, or thin enough. Years later, I found cultured foods and desperately wanted to be healthy, and this helped me lose a lot of weight, but I still never felt like it was enough. It was through meditation that I found what I was seeking. It has helped me lose weight and retrain my mind. When I first started meditating it felt like all hell broke loose. Decades of feeling inadequate rushed to the surface, and I cried and cried for days. It felt like stored energy being released and the most amazing thing happened – I started to feel peace, and I lost weight. Then I discovered I wanted the peace more than anything else; and the more I meditated, the more things surfaced in my life that needed healing. What a journey it has been.

Reducing Stress is Crucial for Weight Loss

I have found that stress and the associated stress hormones are often the real culprits in weight gain. Stress hormones can cause junk food cravings and block your body’s ability to burn fat and contribute to tons of anxiety. Also, the weight gained from stress is considered to be the most dangerous type of weight and is associated with heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and cancer. So reducing stress is crucial for sustainable health and weight loss, and why meditation is such a huge breakthrough when it comes to weight loss.

I only work with people and things I really believe in. I really love this with all my heart, because meditation has helped me so very much. I hope it can help you too and bring you the peace and joy you seek in your life.

In a matter of minutes, meditation can help you reduce the stresses in your life and change your body on a hormonal level, which will make weight loss so much easier.  You don’t need any formal training to get started. You just press “play” and listen.

I use meditation daily in my life. First thing in the morning and late at night. It’s one of the most important things I do, and it really has changed my life in a dramatic way. It calms me, makes me creative, and helps me be all I can be in so many ways.

If you haven’t heard of Jon, his dramatic weight loss of 220 pounds with the help of meditation changed everything for him. He’s helped thousands of others do the same and encourages people to eat probiotic foods as a part of his program. Jon’s story is so inspiring and a must read, as he has kept his weight off for over 12 years! Click here to learn more. 

Jon has created this FREE 21 Day Challenge as a way to spread the message of how powerful meditation is for sustainable weight loss. In addition, this program will help you reduce your stress level and cultivate inner peace, all while helping you develop a practice that could serve you for your entire life.

There are 21 meditations in all, each one focusing on a specific aspect of mind-body health and fitness. The meditations are all about ten minutes long. All you need to do is press play and listen to gain the enormous benefits. The challenge runs from August 1st — 21st. 

Free 10-minute meditation to your inbox every day for 21 days

The challenge is FREE to join, and you’ll get sent a different ten-minute meditation delivered to your inbox every day for 21 days. Find out all about it here… Click Here to Join Us

If this is your first introduction to meditation, I can’t think of a simpler, more effective way to begin managing your stress, cultivating peace in your life, accelerating your weight loss, and developing a practice that could serve you for life. When you get better, you’ll feel better and you’ll change everyone around you.


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