I was a dental assistant in my twenty’s. This job fell into my lap. A very well known and successful dentist hired me because he wanted to train someone who knew nothing. He wanted to shape me by his own methods and not through a pre programmed course. He taught me so much and I followed him around wanting to learn things from him. He was brilliant and he unlocked my mind and made me go on and unending search for learning about how our bodies worked. We did surgeries and also lots of procedures that caused me to understand that bacteria in the mouth when left to run a muck, caused a lot of damage. Bacteria in the mouth is where all the trouble starts with your teeth. Have the right bacteria and your teeth and gums will thrive. I have learned much since those days, and my view of dentistry has changed considerably. I will always be grateful to Dr Milteer for picking me out of a crowd of people who were wanting the job. I was a young woman and he taught me so much about life and the fun of learning. Which caused me to want to learn more about our bodies and what they could do.

Here are some of my own insights and the things I use everyday to take care of my teeth. But what about toothpaste? What is the best thing for your teeth? Here is what I have discovered.

I also want to point out that eating cultured foods will greatly reduce problems with bad bacteria as the body starts to build the good colonies of beneficial bacteria within you. Helping to control bad bacteria that can often cause a lot of problems in the mouth. The more you eat the better you body controls things such as gum disease and cavities.

Our teeth are like coral found in the ocean and they can re- mineralize just like coral. They are alive and constantly regenerating. When we use toothpaste with products like glycerin and fluoride the teeth can’t re- mineralize because they have been sealed off with these chemicals. Remove the chemicals add minerals and a bacteria killer and watch you teeth come back to life. You can take minerals drops in a glass of water after you brush your teeth. These are the ones I use. Mineral Drops.

A few year ago I was at our food coop. One of the people there was talking about how their whole family stopped having cavities and gum problems after they switched to toothpaste soap. They literally used an organic bar of soap made with organic coconut oil and virgin olive oil and put their toothbrushes on it and brushed their teeth. The woman went on and on about what a miracle it was that their kids didn’t get cavities anymore. I know that coconut oil is a powerful bacteria killer and it really got me to thinking differently about things.

A month later, I started looking around for a natural tooth brightener. To make a long story short. I bought some tooth soap and I loved it along with my whole family. It doesn’t have much of a taste, so this is a good thing when it comes to the taste of soap.

Then things began to happen after we started using toothsoap. The first thing that happened was my husband had a noticeable smell coming from his breath. I recognized this smell from years of being a dental assistant as bad bacteria. It had a similar smell to when we would go in and clean out a cavity. I talked to him about it and told him I thought he had a cavity and that maybe he should get it looked at. The smell got worse for a few weeks and he kept saying he was busy and it wasn’t bothering him and he would do it later. This went on for a while and then suddenly the smell was gone. Had the cavity gone away had the coconut oil killed this bacteria and was his tooth repairing itself? These are questions I am willing to get to the bottom of, but have to get him to cooperate to do it. His philosophy, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  So I have no concrete evidence as to whether there is still a cavity there or not.

The next thing that happened was my friend and CPA was having terrible problems with her gums. She was having gum scrapings with not much success. I recommended toothsoap and not only to her gums repair but the teeth that were loose in their sockets firmed up and she stop having any procedures because her teeth healed. She said when she first started using tooth soap her gums ached and then eventually subsided and her gums stopped hurting. She called me and said she is a believer in the power of this product and it saved her not only her teeth but hundreds of dollars.

Toothsoap can be a little expensive so I devised my own product and tweaked it to fill in the missing pieces. Simple ingredients. Coconut oil that is what they call saponified so it foams and mixes  and doesn’t separate. Minerals and peppermint extract. This bottle of coconut oil makes a ton of toothsoap. Eat your cultured foods too. Give your body all the help it needs and it will take care of you.

Donna’s Toothsoap Recipe

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My daughter Holli using toothsoap

My daughter Holli using toothsoap

1 glass bottle with an eyedropper

coconut soap1 bottle of  unscented coconut oil that is saponified This is the soap part of the recipe  (it foams and mixes and doesn’t separate as easily) This will make a lot of toothsoap 32 oz bottle.

Peppermint extract

Add peppermint extract to bottle.  I add 1/2 tsp to 2 tsps depending on how my family likes it.  Add 3 or 5 drops of toothsoap to your tooth-brush and brush your teeth as you normally would.

Whitening Your Teeth

Eco- Dent ExtraBrite Tooth Whitener

Eco- Dent ExtraBrite Tooth Whitener

I also have found that toothsoap doesn’t whiten your teeth so I found something I use 2 to 3 times a week to keep them white. I sprinkle this on my tooth-brush with the toothsoap.

Eco- Dent ExtraBrite Tooth Whitener